EFT | Innovation

EFT Group are at the forefront of innovation within the Life Safety and Security industry. Our construction teams continue to embrace new methods of working that minimise health and safety risk, reduces costs and improves the sustainability of our projects. This includes modular construction, off site construction technology, new roofing technologies and the latest work equipment. EFT Systems are at the leading edge of both digital and wireless technology in the systems we install and maintain.

EFT Systems recognises the importance of innovation and we have previously promoted and contributed to innovation and partnering across a range of services. This produces service benefits such as:

  • Increasing the reliability of assets through effective maintenance and servicing
  • Reducing reactive repairs
  • Reducing the cost of the service
  • Health & Safety Resilience (Supporting clients with risk managment & business continuity)
  • Joint working (collaborating with and sharing maintenance occupancy)
  • Contingency planning & desktop scenario planning
  • Performance management and sharing best practice
  • Improved customer experience