Company Values | EFT Group

As a Group we have a defined set of values that govern how we perform, we have incorporated these into our business model.

Each value contributes to our Higher Purpose Model

Our company values will be enshrined into our employee handbooks, company and project inductions and employee reviews. Our values are posted around our offices and sites as a reminder of the way we do our work.

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Respecting each other, Clients, Customers and the Community. We ensure that in the delivery of our service we add value by operating sustainably and delivering social value commitments.


We aim to be as transparent as possible with our work practices and always behave fairly in our service.


Reliability ensures a great reputation and helps us develop lasting relationships with all stakeholders.


Ensuring efficiency is essential to us, this saves both time and money for clients and EFT Group alike.


We see collaboration in our business practices, we aim to work with stakeholders to achieve the best possible outcome.


At EFT we are open to others’ opinions, tend to others’ needs, admit our mistakes, self-reflect and trust people to do their jobs.

EFT | CSR Policy

EFT Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy not only ensures compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards and national norms but that we go beyond this by ensuring that we do no harm and provide a positive impact on the environment and stakeholders including Clients, Customers, Residents, Employees, and Communities.

Our Chosen Charity

Firstly, in line with our ‘higher purpose’ model, our chosen charity for 2020 is Community Link Foundation, who¬†provide support that helps improve and enhance the lives of people in our community. Covering Southport, Tarleton, Ormskirk and Formby. We are looking forward, as ever, to our fun filled family ventred charity events and raising fund for this great cause during 2020.

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