EFT | Sustainability

EFT Group – Respecting the Three Pillars of Sustainability

At EFT, we consider the future when making our decisions about the present. As a family business we are only too aware of the limited resources we use when delivering our services. We want to be sure that our Children and future generations have resources available to meet their own needs.

Economic Development

As a business we try to make a difference beyond our normal legislative requirements. This sometimes means doing things differently. Only by making a difference at our regional level through sustainable employment and supply chain opportunities can we all begin to make a difference nationally or globally.

Social Development

Our business impacts on many Customers. For instance, we maintain Life safety and security systems in around 50,000 homes across the North and Central UK. We often provide services to the most vulnerable in society. Every day we can make a difference to our customers health and wellbeing.

Both EFT Construction and EFT Systems contribute significantly to sustainable housing and the use of sustainable materials. From an education perspective we train and encourage our people to identify environmental sustainability initiatives both in the work place and at home.

Environmental Protection

Protecting the environment makes sense, our contribution is wide ranging and includes:

  • Treating waste as a resource
  • Office and Site recycling, reuse and repurposing
  • Optimising energy and water use in the office and on site
  • Segregating non-reusable waste
  • Providing ECI advice on sustainability, carbon (Co2), water and energy efficiency
  • Engineers and Construction trades who are multi skilled to avoid multiple journeys and visits
  • Vehicle and transport optimisation to reduce journey times, waste and duplication
  • A quality process which delivers right first time, first time fix and assurance in response time
  • A well-developed triage process that resolves problems over the phone without the need of a visit
  • Mobile storage and satellite stocks linked to traceability with every component job costed
  • We have a large stock of obsolete equipment and parts which will provide repair and replacement advantages
  • We have an internal workshop where obsolete equipment is recycled, repaired and reinstalled
  • We can repair at component level to reduce costs where this benefits whole life costing