EFT Director Jordan Duggan Spent The Day Attending The Launch of “Our Future Derby” Programme To Help Raise Children’s Career Horizons

By September 25, 2019EFT Systems

Director Jordan Duggan spent the day attending the launch of “Our Future Derby” programme. This is an amazing new initiative for the Derby region that is helping to raise children’s aspirations and broaden their career horizons from a young age whilst challenging social and gender stereotypes across certain industries.

45% of children statistically decide on their futures based on what they see on TV, film or social media and these are often jobs that are unattainable. Only 1% of children decide their future career from someone visiting their school and this is why it is so important for them to be more exposed to different business’s and for them to be able to link their learning to their futures.

Jordan Duggan advised “In my role as an Enterprise Advisor for the Merseyside Region it made perfect sense for us to see what EFT could give back to the Derby region given that we are now working more frequently in this area with our new partnership with Derby Homes. It is vital that we as business’s spend time within schools to raise awareness of different job opportunities and educational paths. In my opinion there is no better person to speak to a school child than an apprentice who was in their position only a year or two before and we as a company have found this to be a vital way to engage children and bust myths around STEM related careers. The more other business’s are encouraged to get involved in these projects, the more we as business’s will also benefit. Whilst giving back we are also able to build future capacity and a talent pipeline to help us with the skills shortage in our industry whilst growing a more diverse and inclusive workforce, it really is an extremely positive project for everyone involved.