EFT Group | Planning our 2019 Goals & Objectives

By November 19, 2018EFT Group

Last week the Senior Leaders of EFT Group (Systems and Construction) spent two days setting strategic plans for 2019 and beyond.

This strategy development process was set away from the EFT HQ office but allowed us to work and focus on aligning our goals clearly.

The 2019 strategy is now set. It is challenging but achievable and the framework is set to be put into place in the remaining financial year to ensure we have a head start into January 2019.

We are all excited to communicate clear goals and objectives to our colleagues and work collaboratively in the continued growth and development of the Group.

Rik Potter of EFT Group says: “For me as the newest member of the Senior Leadership Team, I was delighted at the open and honest approach of everyone who participated. We have absolutely retained and continue to build on the company values. The next year will have its challenges as the business grows, but I feel confident and excited by the commitment and drive I’ve seen to date across the business. In 6 months we’ve come a long way. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can achieve in 12 months!”

-EFT Group