Peace of mind for EFT Group investing in Mental Health Training to provide support in the workplace

By June 12, 2019EFT Group

EFT Group are investing in mental health training to deal with any mental health issues in the workplace and provide support for those individuals.

Mental Health Awareness is often overlooked and unrecognised. Even in todays world with so much exposure and support options out there, many people still continue to suffer alone.

EFT are taking action and learning how to identify and help tackle any potential mental health issues within the workplace, and provide support, to help our vast team maintain a healthy state of mind and wellbeing.

“Our core values are family values – everyone at EFT is an important part of the EFT family, so it is our duty to look out for one another and show kindness, understanding and compassion to those around us.”


We look forward to learning more about Mental Health Awareness and how EFT can do our bit to help others gain peace of mind.