EFT Systems | Banham Academy Trailblazer

By January 11, 2019EFT Group, EFT Systems

Between the 6th & 7th December, EFT Apprentices were invited to take part in the fantastic Banham Academy Trailblazer End Point Assessment Pilot Test.

The Trailblazer courses are a new standard for the Fire and Security Industry and we were delighted to be asked to help test and develop what the end examination will look like.

Sam, one of our winners in the Engineers of Tomorrow along with Matt who is now in his second year of his apprenticeship, were asked along to the 2 day pilot.

Four-fifths of the training during the 36-month apprenticeship will come through experience and mentoring acquired ‘on the job’, while the other 20% will be knowledge-based. The final part of the programme is an End Point Assessment (EPA), which is a two-day test that can be taken at any point within the last 12 weeks of the apprenticeship.

All apprentices must take an independent assessment at the end of their training to confirm that they have achieved occupational competence. Rigorous, robust and independent end-point assessment (EPA) is essential to give employers confidence that apprentices completing an apprenticeship standard can actually perform in the occupation they have been trained in and can demonstrate the duties, and knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) set out in the occupational standard.