Skills For Security Gives Recognition To Women Apprentices At EFT For International Women’s Day

By March 12, 2020EFT Group

We are helping to change how people perceive women in the electical engineer industry!

International Women’s Day 2020 saw a great deal of recognition for all the amazing hard work and dedication that women have been demonstrating in our industry.

We were delighted to have had Skills For Security get in touch with us and ask our female apprentices what they think of the industry. 

Skills For Security said: “We are really excited to support days like this to show all women you are celebrated within the industry. To do this we asked our female apprentices some questions on how being a women affects them in the industry and how awareness is important to them. Here we have some of our amazing apprentices from EFT hard at work, as well as some of our staff from Skills for Security.
Scroll down to see what our females had to say!”