World Skills UK – Helping Young People Go Further, Faster In Their Careers

By November 12, 2019EFT Systems

WorldSkills UK is all about improving the prestige of apprenticeships and technical education, to inspire more young people to consider these as career routes and get off to a better start in work and life. But it takes more than words to achieve this; it’s what we do that works.

image source – WorldSkills UK

“We help young people get off to the best start in work and life through experiential careers advice activities and access to guidance from peer role models. We engage thousands of young people in skills competitions right across the UK, where they improve their technical and employability skills to the highest possible national standard. Then we select the best in the UK and put them into an accelerated development programme to compete with the best in the rest of the world. We create medal winning, worldclass skills champions: young, confident role models, from all backgrounds, who go on to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.”

Our experience means we have the know-how to fast track the development of the skill set and mindset in young people that employers want and the economy needs. We can do this because we are a partnership between Governments, business and education. We collaborate to develop our home-grown skills, improve social mobility and drive up training standards to the highest level to help boost UK productivity and competitiveness

Ultimately we champion young people because they carry our future on their shoulders. Join us in helping more young people go further, faster in work and life. 

We achieve this through our three core programmes: Directions, Champions and Accelerate.

Source – WorldskillsUK

EFT Commented: Coming up on the 20th-23rd November is the World Skills competition which EFT have been helping to promote as this is the first year that will see our industry represented at this event. A huge effort by David Scott and the Skills For Security team who have pushed really hard to get our Industry recognised and sponsors in place to make it an outstanding competition! Following on from our success at engineers of tomorrow we are very proud to have Sam and James representing us at this brand new competition and we wish them every success.

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