Apprenticeship Ambassadors EFT Invited to Attend Mental Health Awareness Day

By September 19, 2019EFT Systems

Mental health issues are surprisingly common –‘as common as asthma’ to quote Frank Dobson (a former Secretary of State for Health). It is estimated that that 1 in 4 of us will be diagnosed with some form of mental health problem at some point in our lives.


It is important therefore for those of us who work with people, to have an understanding of what mental health is and the issues it may cause for the people we support / mentor, our colleagues, our customers and their families. This course is designed to provide an overview of mental health issues, how the signs of mental health illness developing can be identified, possible environmental factors that can positively or negatively affect mental health and how to help people who are living with mental illness.

EFT Systems apprentices; Charlie and Erin were invited to attend the mental health awareness day as part of their roles as Apprenticeship Ambassadors.

Suggested as a one day bespoke course, with up to 12 attendees, which can be further tailored to the needs of the organisation and / or individuals attending the session. This course is extremely interactive and includes a variety of group exercises, activities, quizzes and case studies. Attendee learners are given the opportunity to create an action plan and will be provided with some resources and further guidance to take away.

Some of the topics covered at the awareness day included:

• What is mental health
• Each person is unique
• Common mental health problems
• The Legal Position
• Society and mental health
• Each person is unique
• Environmental factors, triggersand causes
• Promoting mental Health and WellBeing
• Guidance for supporting those with mental health difficulties

Everyone at EFT is keen to do their part in raising awareness of mental health, and to help break through the barriers of stigma associated with this. We are all working hard to play our role in maintaining the well-being and happiness of our staff and family. Read our recent news article about how EFT completed their mental health awareness training HERE